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For Media Prints/Broll and Booking info please send us a message at info@vasmediainc.com

Mail: info@vasmediainc.com
Scottsdale, AZ - Los Angeles, CA,
United States

With specialized knowledge in projects ranging from Computer Programming and marketing/SEO to artistic practices such as photography and videography production, Vas Media is equip to handle any media and business development related need. We specialize in tailoring a custom package to every project and take pride in the atonomy of a clients idea. Give us a shout today and allow Vas Media to aide in your next big idea or adventure.

Vas Media Creators

Vas Media Creators Christopher Vasquez

Christopher Vasquez

The Engineer

Lead Engineer and Founder of Vas Media. With experience in Engineering, Computer Science and Design related principals, Vas Media was founded on the idea of efficient and wholesome designs. With professional knowledge in CAD drafting, media production, engineering, and computer programming Chris Vasquez is team lead for any project leaving and entering Vas Media's doors.

Vas Media Creators Michael McDougal

Michael McDougal

The Designer

Michael McDougal has professional experience in sound engineering, musical composition, photography, design, and media production. His ability to tackle any project however daunting have been a huge contributing factor in his success and one of the main reasons he is one of the first calls Vas Media makes when in need of assistance.