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RNR Machine Shop

RNR Custom Engines is Arizona’s Premier Engine Builders, servicing the valley for 20 years. RNR Custom Engines offers a complete state of the art automotive machine shop. RNR Custom Engines is a family owner and operated business, we exceed factory OEM specifications. Our experience in drag racing, dirt track racing, off-road, marine, and diesel engine rebuilding excel our craftsmanship above all others. With our strong customer service RNR Custom Engines has formed strong lifelong relationships with our customers.

RNR Perfection

RNR has a new employee, Rottler HP7A CNC Diamond Hone. The only automotive cylinder honing machine on the market with Automatic Pressure Control! A must for diamond cylinder honing.


The HP7A allows for faster honing without bore distortion. Program the desired roughing and finishing loads and walk away! Without automatic pressure control the machine will continue to build pressure on cylinder walls when honing with diamonds causing bore distortion. The Rottler system controls stone pressure on cylinder walls thus reducing bore distortion and decreasing honing time. The HP7A control is easy to understand and simple to use. The control handles a wide variety of precision bore finishing work – from automotive and diesel blocks to motorcycle, outboard marine, snowmobile, airplane, and industrial applications.

RNR Engines

RNR Engines has been serving the valley for over 20 yrs and continues to offer amazing customer service and products to any customer who walks through the door... Check out RNR Custom Engines!

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