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MASTER Vas Media L.L.C. Contract

Welcome to Vas Media L.L.C.

We are an award winning production company and talent agency based in Scottsdale, AZ and Los Angeles, CA.


Within this phase the top 10 models will be chosen and content aggregated over 2 studio production sessions. These sessions will be held in various cities so location proximity shouldnt be an issue. During these sessions the top models will meet the production team, marketing professionals, and developers responsibe for the creation and consistent maintenance of the newly coded modeling web page. Content agggregated will be released to the model in question for full usage rights perpetually. Click below to sign the Production Agreement and proceed to the content aggregation phase.

Production Agreement

Website Features

The web page that is developed for all models will include the below features and functionality


Each modeling page will be custom coded to achive a singular brand feel, style, and content selection.


All web pages will be developed using innovatove techniques and secure backend principals to ensure long lasting traffic agggreation. You will also have team on dedicated professionals to answer questions, and make interactive edits as neede to ensure brand standard.


A team of dedicated marketing professionals will be assigned to each model to assist with marketing plans and outreach.


With the newly aggregated team of talented individuals we will also have the opportunity for service related initiatives such as talent bookings, etc...


All models will have a portfolio and gallery created to showcase organic content as well as private.


Each model will have their own store in which certain products can be selected to be sold. These products range from fashion to product based and can be changed as necessary.


The development team will create a blog section for each model and update accordingly in order to promote growth and traffic flow.


Each modeling page will have custom form created to translate all info straight to the models personal email and phone.


While content aggregation is taking place and assets are being processed in post, contractual discussions will continue to ensue and will need to be finalized prior to modeling page launch. See below for Non Exclusive Modeling contract that will be negotiated over the next few weeks/months to ensure all parties are aware of what deliverables will be provided. We have packeges that range from exclusive to non exclusive so if you have a certain management style in mind, let us know and we will adapt the contract to match the arrangement. We will do everything in our power at this stage to find a common ground of operation and adapt the platform to meet the expectations on both sides. Click below to reference Agency Contract Template

Agency Contract Non Exclusive


Once contracts are signed and the website is up... the fun part begins. We will now need to continue to produce content that is fresh, trendy, and relevant in order to maintain/grow marketing health. This is when we will revisit the studio production schedule but with more specific deliverables that will need to be aggregated. See below for a list of all modeling genres we are expecting to cover.

Modeling Genres


There will be multiple ways to profit from the project including... Talent Bookings, Content Sales, Product Sales, Advertisements, etc... all of which can be explained in this document below... Stay tuned for updated specifics as the project progresses.

  • Talent Bookings
  • Content Sales
  • Product Sales
  • Advertisment/Marketing
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Current Models onboarded

See below for a list of your already commited team!


If this project seems of interest, please reach out using the contact form below by supplying certain metrics and info to assist us in providing you with detailed data to make your decision. If you are ready to begin the process and schedule your kickoff phone call, send over the below PDF form to troublegirlmedia@gmail.com and we will be in touch with next steps. This PDF form below is an intent to produce form which allows us to utilize your name and content while developing your mockup website and seeking any further financial startup funds. We cant wait to hear back from you!

Intent to produce

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